Freight Invoice Pre-Audit & Payment 


ÍOMPAR BBA acts as a Clearing house for Freight Invoices on behalf of our Clients. Freight invoices get sent to us directly by our clients carriers. We key all invoice information into our system & pre audit each shipment to our Clients criteria, approve or reject for payment, request single/carrier payment and issue payments to carriers.

Our clients can be assured that they are only paying the exact freight charge they should be paying. The data that we store on our clients transportation routes is then available to our clients through a suite of reports.

Our Pre Audit Services include:

  • Imaging of all Paper Invoices.
  • Receipt of all EDI Invoices.
  • Full audit of all Freight invoices.
  • Accept / Reject of invoices.
  • Carrier notification of rejected invoices.
  • Cost Centre & General Ledger coding of all Freight Invoices.
  • Carrier Payment –EFT / Check.
  • Full suite of on-line Freight & Financial reports.

Feel free to contact us if you require any further information concerning Freight Invoice Pre-Audit & Payment.